816 - Chris Riebschlager


WindOut is an interactive installation created by me. I made this specifically for a gallery showing of my code-generated artwork. This touch screen application was developed to let people paint in a kaleidoscopic and semi-random way.

Each touch of the screen spawns particles which are driven by pre-determined algorithms and a controlled amount of randomness. Color palettes are chosen by the user, but the colors are chosen from that palette at random. When the artist is happy with their work, they could save their piece and it was instantly uploaded to a website where they can view it, share it or request a print.

The code for this project is completely open source and can be found at my GitHub.

All visitor creations can be seen online.

This project was created using the amazing Processing framework.

If you dig the soundtrack, I did that too! It's available as a free MP3 download

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